Beam (BEAM) The price of Beam is $1.1963, a -0.40% percent change for the last hour. Scalable confidential cryptocurrency.

Scalable confidential cryptocurrency. (The price of Beam is $1.196)

Quick Stats about Beam

The price of Beam is currently $1.20

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ETH -0.38%
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BTC -3.57%
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BTC 26.89%
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The all time high price of Beam was $3.18746942 on 2019-01-28 00:17:34

Development Status: On-going development
Proof Type: Proof of Work
Hash Algorithm: Equihash
Hardware Wallet: No

Circulating Supply: 6481840 BEAM

Beta Value: -1.149

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Tweet by at24911662 about Beam
@at24911662 retweeted: 19 hours, 43 minutes, 59 seconds ago And Glassdoor Parent Company Invests in Privacy-Coin Project Beam via @forbes $BEAM
Tweet by bit_gossip about Beam
@bit_gossip retweeted: 23 hours, 57 minutes, 1 second ago
Arkadaşlar ayrıntılı türkçe @beamprivacy temel analizi ingilizce versiyonu da gelecek ama önce türkçeyi yayınlamak istedim. Umarım beğenirsiniz. Çok emek harcadım beğenirseniz takdir etmekten çekinmeyin :) Keyifli okumalar.
Tweet by ColliderVC about Beam
@ColliderVC retweeted: 1 day, 16 minutes, 2 seconds ago
Great news from our portfolio company - @beamprivacy, a Mimblewimble-based Privacy Coin, as they announce they've raised $5M. We couldn't be more excited to welcome @Recruit_PR as co-investors! @_tanayuk​ @oferrotem @adambn​ @AvishayOvadia
Tweet by BHEXOfficial about Beam
@BHEXOfficial retweeted: 1 day, 59 minutes, 59 seconds ago
BHEX & Jinse hosted an AMA with @beamprivacy CEO Alexander Z. in the topic "Private Coin's Voldermort Era" in BHEX Global Communities with 5 different languages. BHEX has consolidated the whole conversation contents for Beamers and BHEXers who missed it.
Tweet by bareshet about Beam
@bareshet retweeted: 1 day, 2 hours, 27 minutes, 55 seconds ago
אז אולי בכל זאת יש משהו בכל המימבל ווימבל הזה: 5 מיליון דולר גויסו ממשקיעים בסטארט-אפ הבלוקצ'יין הישראלי @beamprivacy | מדור הקריפטו של @globesnews
Tweet by beamJapan about Beam
@beamJapan retweeted: 2 days, 19 minutes, 36 seconds ago
Tweet media image 【Beamを知り尽くそう!シリーズ】 皆さんは、Beamの事をどれだけ知っていますか? 答えがNOでも安心!本シリーズでは、「SBBS技術って何?Mimblewimbleとは?」など、Beamの技術に関する疑問にアプローチします。 これで皆さんもBeamの達人「#Beamer」です! リクエストはコメント欄にどうぞ!
Tweet by beamJapan about Beam
@beamJapan retweeted: 2 days, 19 minutes, 41 seconds ago
Tweet media image 【Beamを知り尽くそう!第1章】 Chapter 1: $Beamってそもそもなに? $Beamは、革新的で素晴らしい #Mimblewimble プロトコルを実装した、スケーラビリティとプライバシーの問題を解決する、次世代の暗号通貨です。 Beamについて記事を紹介しています。ぜひご覧ください!
Tweet by azaidelson about Beam
@azaidelson retweeted: 2 days, 21 hours, 26 minutes, 32 seconds ago
Happy to announce Recruit investment in Beam. The trust of a $50B multinational corporation is super encouraging for us, and we are looking forward for fruitful cooperation.
Tweet by beamJapan about Beam
@beamJapan retweeted: 3 days, 58 minutes, 36 seconds ago
【お知らせ】 この度、Beamは日本の株式会社リクルートが設立した投資ファンドから出資を受けたことを皆様に発表できることを大変嬉しく思います。この出資は日本を含むBeamのグローバルでのミッションの実現においてとても重要です。詳細はリリースをご覧ください。
Tweet by beamprivacy about Beam
@beamprivacy 3 days, 2 hours, 6 minutes, 20 seconds ago
We are happy to reveal that Japanese public group, Recruit Co. LTD has invested in Beam prior Mainnet. This investment helps Beam fulfill its mission in Japan too when it comes to deploying a compliant, scalable, and confidential cryptocurrency. @_tanayuk
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