Sushi (SUSHI) The price of Sushi is $10.27615, a 0.97% percent change for the last hour.

(The price of Sushi is $10.27615)

Quick Stats about Sushi

The price of Sushi is currently $10.276151

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BTC 0.4%
USD 0.97%
ETH 0.06%
BTC -1.66%
USD -0.53%
ETH -1.68%
BTC 1.66%
USD 5.37%
ETH -0.36%
BTC -29.29%
USD -35.71%
ETH -24.28%
BTC -12.33%
USD -22.53%
ETH -16.32%
BTC 79.37%
USD 642.99%
ETH -17.54%

The all time high price of Sushi was $23.35594291 on 2021-03-13 22:16:40

Development Status:
Proof Type: Not mineable
Hash Algorithm: None
Hardware Wallet: Yes

Circulating Supply: 127,244,443 SUSHI

Beta Value: 1.229

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@CryptoWilfred @SushiSwap @immunefi @adamscochran @FrankResearcher @0xMaki @NomiChef @fintechfrank @lawmaster @Timccopeland This is not a vulnerability. No funds at risk. If rewarder runs out of rewards, withdrawing LP will fail but anyone (not just sushi) can top up the rewarder in an emergency. Sushi can also just remove the rewarder.
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[email protected] is supporting the #Chainlink Fall Hackathon by adding $10k to the collective $300k prize pool! Sign up today to compete for cash prizes, build alongside like-minded coders, and get access to premium educational content. All experience levels are welcome.
Tweet by SushiSwap about Sushi
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As we get prepped for Trident🔱, we'd like to hear more from you! Got product requests? Interface upgrade suggestions? Drop your Sushi update opinions here👇
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Tweet media image Forget the Moon, were headed to Mars! @mars4_me is on tomorrow Sep. 23, for a @SushiSwap #MISO AMA at 11:00 EDT/15:00 UTC/17:00 CET as they discuss their NFT project that is currently in MISO auction! See you in the $SUSHI @Discord AMA-Stage!
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Tweet media image SMART Alpha has been deployed on @0xPolygon The 1st epoch starts on Mon, Sep 27th. Available pools to deposit: - WETH-USD - WBTC-USD - WETH-BTC - WBTC-ETH - WMATIC-USD
Tweet by SushiSwap about Sushi
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Hope you guys enjoyed all of the birthday activities over the past month. Here's a chat with our Sushi Art Contest winners!! 🥳🎂
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Tweet media image 1/ Fresh off the press: $PSTAKE #airdrop distribution mechanism article! 📲 🪂 6% of the total $PSTAKE token supply will be distributed. 🦾 Find out how the airdrop will be distributed and who's eligible. 🌐 Read the article here:
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At v0 (launching in October), Shōyu will be a heavily curated space, with 10 artists per week for its initial first 10 weeks, as we move towards a more open, full-fledged platform. 🤍
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Tweet media image Hope you’re excited for @SHOYU_NFT 10 weeks, 10 artists per week reveal. Also, get a recap of “The Shoyu Promise” 👇
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MARS4 EXPLODES ON MISO LAUNCHPAD!! 🧨💥 In private and public auctions for #MARS4 #tokens the minimum raise was collected in the first 45 minutes‼️🤯💥 Full article on👇 #Ethereum #cryptocurrency #NFT #MISO #MARS4
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