(YFI) The price of is $31,289.04987, a -1.59% percent change for the last hour.

(The price of is $31,289.04987)

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The price of is currently $31,289.049872

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BTC -0.45%
USD -1.59%
ETH -0.77%
BTC 0.85%
USD 4%
ETH 0.09%
BTC 3.38%
USD 3.95%
ETH 2.8%
BTC 15.53%
USD 4%
ETH -2.94%
BTC 0.16%
USD 36.95%
ETH -32.16%
BTC 0%
USD 0%
ETH 0%

The all time high price of was $43914.22657395 on 2020-09-12 20:05:00

Development Status:
Proof Type: Not mineable
Hash Algorithm: None
Hardware Wallet: Yes

Circulating Supply: 29,968 YFI

Beta Value: 1.026

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Tweet by tracheopteryx about
@tracheopteryx retweeted: 2 hours, 7 minutes, 57 seconds ago
Remember when the @iearnfinance wETH yVault ate like 1% of all ETH? I do too 🤫
Tweet by YFI_Pulse about
@YFI_Pulse retweeted: 14 hours, 1 minute, 12 seconds ago
✨ $YFI Pulse - 1.21 💠 Yearn v2 Vault Swap @emilianobonassi 💠 Zerion + YFI @zerion_io 💠 Governance Updates 🗳️ Read & Subscribe:
Tweet by emilianobonassi about
@emilianobonassi retweeted: 14 hours, 39 minutes, 9 seconds ago
Tweet media image I'm proud to release Yearn V2 Vaults Swap a collection of smart contracts to simplify the swap between @iearnfinance V2 Vaults with the same token (underlying) It supports permit to allow 1-tx operations 👇 How to use it (for dev currently)
Tweet by iearnfinance about
@iearnfinance 22 hours, 26 minutes, 45 seconds ago
Our v2 yVaults come with a new fee structure. Withdrawal fees are eliminated. Instead, we have implemented a 20% fee on revenue and a 2% management fee (AUM).
Tweet by iearnfinance about
@iearnfinance 22 hours, 38 minutes, 25 seconds ago
Zerion has integrated our newly launched v2 yVaults into their platform. Check out details below. 👇
Tweet by YFI_Pulse about
@YFI_Pulse retweeted: 1 day, 16 hours, 23 minutes, 58 seconds ago
💥 $YFI Pulse - 1.20 💠 Zapper + yVaults @zapper_fi 💠 Funding Yearn's Future @tracheopteryx 💠 Adaptive Mgmt Fees @Macarse 💠 El Calfos yVault @fameal Read & Subscribe:
Tweet by tracheopteryx about
@tracheopteryx retweeted: 1 day, 18 hours, 45 minutes, 20 seconds ago
Props to @Zemm_NFT for the meme, and massive thanks to the dozens of people who offered their support, consideration, critique, directness, ideas, assistance, feedback, and honesty with integrity through this process. Time to read, to consider, to debate, and then to vote. $YFI
Tweet by bantg about
@bantg retweeted: 1 day, 20 hours, 10 minutes, 43 seconds ago
Tweet media image Proposal: Funding Yearn's Future
Tweet by iearnfinance about
@iearnfinance 1 day, 23 hours, 24 minutes, 16 seconds ago
[email protected] will be depositing their treasury funds (1.3m) into our v2 yVaults to passively earn interest while our Strategists actively manage it. We welcome other protocols to deposit idle treasury funds into our yVaults.
Tweet by iearnfinance about
@iearnfinance 1 day, 23 hours, 35 minutes, 35 seconds ago
A new proposal to slowly increase the management fee for v2 yVaults up to the 2% max has been added to the Yearn governance forum. You can read this proposal and join the discussion using the link below.
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