(YFI) The price of is $38,846.42054, a 0.34% percent change for the last hour.

(The price of is $38,846.42054)

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The price of is currently $38,846.420537

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BTC 0.21%
USD 0.34%
ETH 0.29%
BTC -0.81%
USD 4.31%
ETH 1.73%
BTC -2.73%
USD 9.3%
ETH 1.82%
BTC -18.53%
USD -11.51%
ETH -1.46%
BTC -33.96%
USD -47.4%
ETH -15.45%
BTC 0%
USD 0%
ETH 0%

The all time high price of was $91384.35059733 on 2021-05-12 00:56:39

Development Status:
Proof Type: Not mineable
Hash Algorithm: None
Hardware Wallet: Yes

Circulating Supply: 36,635 YFI

Beta Value: 1.131

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Tweet media image We are thrilled to announce that Yearn has just surpassed $5 billion in assets across all products. We would to thank all users, contributors, and members of our ecosystem for their continued support.
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@iearnfinance 1 day, 4 hours, 9 minutes, 20 seconds ago
What if Yearn = the web's "yield function"? In programming a "function" is a little bundle of reusable code that accomplishes a specific task… You can summon that function anytime, and it will do the same thing over and over again without fail.
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Congrats Alchemix on alETH launch! Powered by the new Yearn WETH Vault.
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Tweet media image Yearn Hub now has a reports tab for strategies which shows realized APR
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Tweet media image @bantg
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Tweet media image Comparison of Curve farming capital efficiency. Yearn earns 47% more per dollar averaging 20.4% counting all assets in our proxy.
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Tweet media image An update on Curve boosts across DAOs. Yearn has developed an optimal rebalancing strategy which consistently puts it ahead of the curve. Additionally, we've deployed an advanced model for gauge weight voting which results in up to 15% increase in yearnings.
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Read this week's Yearn newsletter 🏦 💠 Yearn Partners Have Earned $564K 💠 SEBA Bank A Publishes Report On Yearn 💠 C.R.E.A.M Finance Lists Two yVault Tokens 💠 MakerDAO’s Lower Stability Fees Benefit Yearn Strategies And more inside! 🚀
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Tweet media image Yearn has earned $10.26 million in May (+34% MoM), which translates to $123.12 million annualized revenue. Assets under management have grown from $3.328 billion to $3.943 billion (+18% MoM), now ATH at $4.693 billion earning $403k a day. P/S sits comfortably at 11.8x.
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Tweet media image What if I told you you don't have to lose 10% a day?
When moon? Moon buggy